"Without big data analytics, companies are blind and deaf, wandering out onto the web like deer on a freeway."

-Geoffery Moore

American Management Consultant and Author


To transform a world of data into a world of innovation and intelligence


To make it easier for people to understand data, to shorten the path from data to insights, to inspire and empower new discoveries that dive progress while fueling ambitions that reach success through powerful analytics.

Where it all began

As a group of professional analysts we identified many corporations struggle with undefined problems they face in continuing their businesses. We understand that the modern world is driven toward data-driven solutions and that data has the power to turn each opportunity into reality. 

As a young team with a data-driven mindset and innovative excellence, we set on a mission to elevate the growth of Sri Lankan corporations by encouraging data-driven analysis into their business cultures.

What we do

Simply, we put data into action. As a collection of data is a collection of facts and facts are the base of human progress, we harness the power of data through on point analyzing process. Leaving you free to focus on your business priorities, we handle data to find the issues and provide statistical solutions.

By studying each customer case, we solve emerging issues in your business and corporation easily while optimizing facilities for growth and employee comfort.

How can we help?

We help you handle loads of structured and unstructured data, by evaluating application of data management to make your company culture more data-driven. Our statistical data analysis and data-driven solutions will guide you through your challenges with new and accurate insights into success.

Our data analysis may expose and predict the issues, challenges, opportunities and solutions that exist inside and outside of your company. We transform your workplace, empower employees to do better.

Our Team

Pasindu Heshan

Pasindu Heshan

Senior Business Analyst

As a co-founder in STATISTICIA, Pasindu Heshan brings his intuition to help people to adjust to the data-driven future. With a BSc Hon degree in Statistics & Operations Research from University of Peradeniya, MSc in Data Science (reading) from PGIS of University of Peradeniya, two years of professional experience in MAS and as the Business Analyst in Tobacco in Central province, he drives to make data understandable to ordinary people as a fundamental of Statisticia.

Heshan Molligoda

Senior Data Science Specialist

Heshan Molligoda has worked in the field of software engineering for 5+ years, and also has been working in the field of data science for 4+ years. With BSc Hon in computer science and MSc specialized in Data Science (reading) from University of Moratuwa, he brings his software engineering skills as well as data science knowledge into to STATISTICIA to help customers and enhance business process

lakshan gamage

Lakshan Gamage

Senior Business Development Specialist

In partnership with Tharindu Himal and Pasindu Heshan, Lakshan Gamagehas mastered his knowledge on marketing management and strategic marketing. With a BSc degree major in Statistics & Computer Science and a MSc in Strategic Marketing (reading) from Cardiff Metropolitan University (UK), he extends his professional intellect on to combine data driven solutions into marketing departments, by introducing its benefits industry