Products and Services

We can transform data into insights, and insights into action. As a market leading choice for modern businesses in Sri Lanka, STATISTICIA supports you with data analysis and up-to-date data driven solutions with the proper governance and data management every step of the way. We integrate innovation into our solutions to ensure your growth and success.

Statistical Data Analysis

The science of collecting data and uncovering patterns and trends is known as statistical data analysis or simply ‘Statistics’. Almost each and every challenge and problem you face in your business corporation can be identified, solved and strategically managed through the critical analysis of the internal data that already exist in your company.

statistical data analysis

Business Intelligence Analysis​

The set of processes and technologies that convert raw data into meaningful information to drive profitable action in businesses is known as Business intelligence Analysis. As software or service, BI analysis transforms data into actionable intelligence and knowledge through use of data analytics, data visualization and data modeling techniques and technologies.

Statistical Research

The development of improved statistical methods grounded in high possibilities and statistical theories is known as statistical research. We provide regular statistical researches on social, economical, demographical and population fields such as NGO, and Banking and Financial institutions, to get accurate insights of the risks and possible variables of the according sectors.

Sector Outlook

The assessment of the economic and financial condition and prospects of a given sector of the economy is known as a Sector Outlook. As we provide the most accurate, and trusted information and facts, you are enabled to make right decisions according to the necessity of your business area. We facilitate you the opportunity to predict the future risks that may affect your business beforehand.

Market Research

If you are not confident in launching a new product to the capricious market or evaluating your business through certain changes in your company routine, we got your back. Our market research supports you to identify and predict on point how the changes or novelty would affect your business. Our market researches equip you with insights to make right decisions on right time.

Macroeconomic Factor Research​

If you are tired of not meeting your projected numbers or have no idea why you couldn’t achieve them however hard you try, we know where the issue is. ? Even though there are so many existing data out there, it’s very critical to analyze these data in the right way and make the right conclusions before making your projection and defining your annual KPI’s.